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[論文公開]「未来洞察アプローチによる Creative Learning Spiral の展開 -LEGO®︎ SERIOUS PLAY®︎との関係性から-」


「未来洞察アプローチによる Creative Learning Spiral の展開 -LEGO®︎ SERIOUS PLAY®︎との関係性から-」


   This article reveals Creative Thinking in a society where the future is unpredictable, and explains the relationship between the Creative Learning Spiral and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®(LSP) in the Foresight approach. Creative Thinking is the attitude and thinking ability to acquire new awareness through collaborative learning by "Serious Play". In this study, LSP was introduced into the foresight approach, and the results of the research before and after that confirmed the Creative Learning Spiral. The results of the paired t-test and Wilcoxon signed rank test suggested that LSP promotes the Creative Learning Spiral(p<.05). In addition, in each phase of the Creative Learning Spiral, there were Imagine(p<.05), Create(p<.10), Play(p>.10), Share and Reflect(p>.10).

   The reasons for results are: 1)LSP and Creative Learning Spiral have a high affinity, and LSP may also contribute to the development of Creative Thinking; 2)“Imagine” and “Create” are done at the individual level in LSP; and 3)Enhancing “Play” and “Share and Reflect”, it is necessary to active involvement to facilitate dialogue by LSP facilitator.


Keyword:Creative Learning Spiral, LEGO®︎ SERIOUS PLAY®︎, Foresight, Creative Thinking, Play